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SES has an established network of contacts within Zambia and neighbouring territories. In addition to our headquarters in Lusaka, we have offices in Kitwe, Livingstone and partners in Johannesburg and Lubumbashi. From our central base in Zambia we are able to provide rapid emergency response services across the Sub Saharan Africa region.

Through our close partnerships within South Africa, we are able to evacuate patients with easy admission into hospitals and clinics, while ensuring the highest standards of treatment available and comprehensive patient monitoring. SES members medical progress is consistently tracked throughout their stay in South Africa.

Our History
SES was founded in 1996 by the late Marianthy Noble to meet the local community’s growing need for access to emergency health care. It was her vision to provide communities with quality evacuation and medical health plans. Still driven by these strong values the company aims to deliver the highest quality medical and evacuation services in the region, saving lives through first response care and enabling access to quality hospital treatment.

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