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We are committed to excellent and complete patient care
Our Hospitals endeavours to create a statement of confidence in the health development sector. Being the largest wholly owned Black Private Hospital Group in the private health care industry in the Western Cape, the company prides itself to provide World Class medical facilities, which are accessible to the local communities on the Cape Flats, Western Cape, where the majority of the previously disadvantaged community reside. Our patients’ health and recovery are our utmost priority and no effort and expense will be spared to ensure their well-being.

In a historic moment for the Cape Flats, Gatesville Medical Centre opened its doors in Ahtlone, bringing affordable private healthcare to the previously disadvantaged..

Melomed Mitchells Plain was acquired from one of the largest private hospital groups in 1997 and is currently licensed for 132 beds. The Melomed Renal Care unit opened in 2009, being the first of its kind house within a private hospital on the Cape Flats offering renal dialysis to patients.

The Jan S Marais Hospital was purchased by Melomed in 2004 from one of the largest private hospital groups in the country. A decision was taken to relocate the hospital in to a brand new multi-disciplinary purpose built facility which was commissioned in 2009.

Melomed Claremont Private Clinic is an establishment with an ethos of offering the best health care facilities available. We have an excellent team of Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Occupational therapists and Nursing staff.

Our Melomed Tokai hospital is indicative of Melomed’s pursuit towards a promising future for our society’s healthcare. The 148 bed Melomed Tokai covers an area of 10000m2 on the corner of Keyser and Main Roads Tokai.

In 2018, Melomed expanded its reach nationally with the addition of its latest 192 bed facility in Richards Bay, Kwa Zulu Natal. This state of the art facility is ideally situated close to the N2 between Empangeni and Richards Bay.

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