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Diani Beach Hospital is located very conveniently adjacent to Leisure Lodge Golf Course. The hospital is a stone’s throw away from most of the hotels and resorts in and around Diani Beach. If you are staying in one of the resorts or villas in the vicinity kindly get in touch with the resort/villa’s reception to help you get in touch with us. Apart from the hospital’s courtesy shuttle there are numerous taxis available and all of them know where the hospital is located.
Diani Beach Hospital was established in the year 1997 by Dr. K. S. Rekhi. Dr. Rekhi started off his medical practice in Diani in a clinic and soon realized the urgent need for a hospital in the region. Prior to the establishment of Diani Beach Hospital patients often had to drive to Mombasa, a good 35 Kilometers away for needs that could not be met by the existing facilities. Over the past 16 years Diani Beach Hospital has not only established itself firmly but also remains the finest and most experienced private hospital in the South Coast of Kenya and a leading private hospital in Kenya.

What makes us different is the quality of our care, the efficiency of our staff, our technological expertise and experience in using the same, and our attention to the minutest detail. The moment one steps into the hospital if the breathtaking landscaping does not captivate one’s attention the interiors of the hospital will most definitely do so. From minimal waiting times for the patient to maximal attention we have perfected the art of patient management and it is seen in every aspect of our care.

We are able to offer a range of services like routine consultations, in-patient management, dental services, physiotherapy, laboratory, diagnostic imaging, pharmacy, well-baby, well-man, well-woman clinics, and even specialized facilities like aesthetic medicine. A detailed description of our services can be availed HERE.

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