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Dar Al Fouad Hospital, 6th of October
The idea of establishing a world-class medical care facility in Egypt with unique and high quality medical services originated in February 1992. The construction phase started in July 1996, the consultants during this phase were Egyptian, American and British construction and consultancy firms.

Dar Al Fouad Hospital, 6th of October – New Annex Building
Launched in June 2017. The building comprises a radiotherapy unit, a chemotherapy unit, a short stay unit (10 beds), VIP clinics as well as 19 SICU beds.

Dar Al Fouad Hospital & Clinics Tower, Nasr City
Dar Al Fouad Hospital is establishing a state-of-the-art Dar Al Fouad Hospital and Clinics Tower in Nasr City, with an investment cost of 120 million USD. The Hospital is located at the intersection of El Nasr Road and Youssef Abbas Street. The total land area is 13,000 square meters (42,651 square feet), the foot print is 7000 square meters (22,966 square feet).

The Hospital includes 168 beds, among which are 37 beds for critically ill patients. It will also include 6 operation rooms, an IVF center, a physiotherapy department, 2 cath labs, a radiology unit, a laboratory and a non-invasive cardiac lab. All medical specialties will be represented including organ transplant services. In addition, the Clinics Tower contains 222 doctors’ clinics of which 220 were sold.

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