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CAIRO SCAN is the leading private provider of diagnostic and interventional imaging services across Egypt. We bring the most skilled professionals in the field, together with cutting-edge technology under one roof to ensure the highest standards of quality care for you.

Established in 1983, CAIRO SCAN was set up to transform the radiology business in Egypt. The founders envisioned a place where all Egyptians could seek the best expertise in medicine, aided by the most up-to-date equipment, and complemented by an exceptional service. Today almost 500 people come to work every day with the aim of fulfilling that vision.

As part of our commitment to our clients, we are continuously expanding our services to better serve them in the best way possible. Our national network is growing by the day, to ensure a better outreach to our customers. And now we are also pleased to announce the launch of the new diagnostic laboratory service across our branches. Please revisit our page for more updates on our new services and locations.

Our Mission:
To deliver the highest standards of diagnostic health services in the field Of imaging and lab to members of our community.

Our Vision:
To become the preeminent provider of private diagnostic and medical investigative procedures across Egypt.

Our Values:

We strive to master what we do. Our goal is to deliver precise results, With an outstanding service, in a timely manner. If the patient is not Satisfied, then the job isn’t completed.

Honoring a person’s dignity is a universal human right. The statement Holds true even more during illness. We are therefore committed to preserving that right to our patients, our employees and Other members of our community alike.

Our people are our greatest asset. We believe that every member of our organization plays a role in the success story. hence We will continue to foster collaboration, infusing a sense of community and ultimately serving our patients better.

As the founding practitioners of private diagnostic imaging in Egypt, we feel proud. 30 years on, that pride commends a sense of Responsibility. We build our reputation by upholding the highest standards of professionalism throughout the years, rendering us The trusted choice for all seekers of high quality health care.

Ever since the inception of CAIRO SCAN, we relentlessly push ourselves beyond the attainable. Our latest venture into Combining Both imaging and lab services is yet another symbol of our determination. And yet we are committed to Becoming the leading Diagnostic services provider across country and region.

We are dedicated to building a better, stronger, healthier society to live in. Through better access to health services, Higher Quality medicine, and good care for patients, we aim to make a small, yet positive contribution for a better Future in Egypt.

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